-Please provide a source for your image (if there is no source it will not be accepted)
-Keep in mind that not all entries submitted will be displayed.
-This blog seeks high quality work. All styles are welcome~!
- Photosets cannot be submitted! You have to submit one piece at a time, and if the work is sufficient I will put them in a photoset myself. Tumblr is dumb like that.
-Please provide the artists name, a website, and even their tumblr page if they have one.
-If the work is yours please provide your name, your website, and your art tumblr blog if you have one.
- it might take a while for the piece to show up on the blog if it is accepted! Be patient!
-please provide a source
-please provide a source
-source your art………

You would make my life so much easier if you set up submissions like the following:

by ARTIST(website)

Follow them on Tumblr!

- Do not submit the same piece(s) more than once.
- Do not write your life story. I usually edit submissions to a very simple format containing the artists name,website,tumblr, and sometimes the title of the piece
- Do not write in first person. I do not want people believing that I am the artist of the submission
- Do not send me links to re-blog.